Monday, May 16, 2011

Because i does.

ADD poetry
A new series I’m starting, hopefully keeping up as well, with some of the stuff that would come out of this twisted mind.
I am but human.
Limited only by my ability to act on the actions of my thoughts.
Seeking only to please those around me as they shoot me in the back.
Perpetually understanding that the paradox’s of my heart are but realities of my thought.
Thinking. Bleeding. never fully seeding, the ideas we had but decided to just fallout.
Making us see what we never believe, as we bleed under-pressure, not knowing how to usher the light from our minds, as the blood drips down, making thought into a river, letting us see, which makes us quiver.
I am but human.
Lost to the days when carefree living was worrying about surviving.
Trying, to figure out how we may, if at all live without the nag.
I stand to find that I exist on line to repent for my wrongs, after not knowing what I did right.
I am but human.
Trying to see that which I haven’t.
To hear that which I couldn’t because it wouldn’t let me listen, only to find it lying hoping that I would go missing, just messing around with my thoughts, so I could be here all alone, just playing with the locks that shackle from skin to bone.
Knowing that I killed you, makes the world seem bearable, knowing it is silent makes me arrogant, knowing that my thoughts can assassinate, makes me think I can end the hate.
I am but human.