Friday, July 9, 2010

The moment, i died for.

Can the moments we live for, also be the moments we die for? If so, what would those moments be... ?

This is what helps me see everyday...

The idea of a moment is an interesting one, to say the least. It seems to involve thinking about what it is that you see as an individualized moment. An example most would seemingly give would be, seeing there child for the first time; seeing the love of their lives as that for the first time, the love of their life. But, what about the things as insignificant as was looking up to see a calming wind, or even listening to a song in front of a calming place. Those are moments that I have cherished since I realized I see things differently.

When i see something like this, this is a moment i keep close, because they are so unique they need to be captured.

I see things not as they are, but as I want to see them. In sense, letting these compartmentalized segments of time, something more then just something that can be passed up, but rather something more then the sum of its parts. From those parts, I choose to believe we have moments that allow us (me) to see things as beautiful as I want them, all the while seeing moments that do not actually exist is something I choose to believe is a necessity. Because, beauty is something that this world seems to have far too little of (no offense) and a little more of it seems be what is necessary.

Biology and natural make a moment, that i remember fondly...

The way that the light refracts off the sidewalk on a scorching summer day, creating a glimmering array of light that, only the twilight vampires could compare to. That is a moment of pure beauty that we take for granted. It would go unnoticed to those that seem to only see it as an annoyance to an otherwise ordinary walk down Queens Blvd. Yes, I am using real world examples, but unfortunately no, I will not be able to provide audiovisual guidance to see this beauty all the time. Yet, I digress, that is a moment in real time that cannot be described with anything by myself, but other then an anecdote about a terrible contrivances set up by Hollywood to swallow up the young minds of societies females—I can’t think but call it anything but a beautiful moment.

Really? Like Diamonds? All i see is the glimmering of pavement on a summer day.

The moment I realized I had truly, fucked up my life, is one of those moments that as much as I wanna say is beautiful, it isn’t but that’s what makes a moment so special, so unique. It is s point in actual space that makes sense to me, not because it was really a fucked up point in my life, but because I was the moment I realized that I could change, be something more, and maybe, if I try hard enough, achieve that which I seemed to covet so dearly without it being something unattainable.
And so, those are moments, about vision and clarity, tomorrow I hope to write about moments in musical awesome(ness) that I cant wait to ramble on about. Either way here are a few things to ponder over, while your trying to sort through this unedited piece of garbage.

Some music, to enjoy... its a litte personal, fuck you. Its a really good track.