Sunday, January 10, 2010

i return for no particularly good reason.

What can I say that I already haven’t stated multiple times without looking back on it and saying, “you dumb mother fucker, what the hell were you thinking?”.
So, I’ll write this now to quell my own idiosyncrasies, for which I have many. I am unable to grasp the true nature of existence aside from, to quote Alan Moore’s character the Comedian, “Its all a fucking Joke!” because as it would seem the weight of the world it exponentially heavier then the weight that I have succumbed to, on my body.
That is enough just to keep me satisfied for the moment, for I have to listen to testimony and decide someone’s fate in few hours. That is the price I have to pay to uphold this inconsistent and corrupt democracy charges me with at this current moment. Sigh, it is not fair.
This year is looking to make me want to scream louder then any previous, and it has just begun, huzzah!

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