Monday, January 11, 2010

the Films list.

Movies are not a tough topic for me to discuss, the medium affects me like no other. As cliché as that sounds it is 1truer then I can ever describe in words, which I am afraid say, my skills do not allow me to do. Alas, I give you this list of the movies that made me, think, cry, laugh, widen my eyes to awe inspiration, and all around entertain me. These are but a few films that I feel deserve recognition.
Where the Wild things are
This is the reason I watch movies. This is not a movie, for it is an emotional tour de force, aimed like a scud missile to the heart. It reminds you about what childhood is and what you forget as you get older. It is also an apt look at the way our society functions, in a childish and immature manner, unable to become what it needs to in the midst of change, instead choosing to work around change like it is some sort of unchanging landmass that would take a millennia just to climb. It also made me cry like the little boy the movie made me feel I was, because it was so beautiful in its execution. I can give no higher praise to a movie, other then it has changed me- for the better.
James Cameron’s Avatar
This movie was a late bloomer on this list; it had a lot of hype surrounding it, not necessarily positive. Yet alas the existence of this film has changed my outlook on films from now on, no not because it was a 3-d explosion of awesomeness (though it certainly was) but it was what I have sought from films for a long time, a fully realized world of a existence. Though most movies are capable of creating a new world that has been inhabited by the existence of new beings, they are often diluted by the existence, or lack thereof of, imagination. Yet, the director, James Cameron, took distinct care to realize that avatar was not going to exist unless it had it self realized, and that is what avatar is a world, in known to all unless seen in this film, and felt by the audience.
Inglorious Basterds
Well, how could one of my lists be complete without a Quentin Tarantino? It couldn’t, honestly. Its was spaghetti Western meets a revenge thriller, according to everyone, but for me it was the perfect blend of ironic and quick witted dialogue, that honestly created a feeling of the giggles throughout and made giddy with excitement to see what would happen next because it was not a formulaic storyline with the long and drawn out end of the second world war. In stead it opted for the quick no holds barred, “ What the fuck just happened” that made fall head over heels in love with this film.
(500) Days of Summer
I should put this out there: I am sucker for a good love story, even when it’s not a love story. When a movie is able to put into perspective that a man is incapable of understanding that they (we) will never understand what the concepts of fate are or how they can correlate to our understanding of the opposite sex. It was poignant and ironic, in all the right ways, legitimately making it one of my favorite films ever, not tops but certainly around there.
The hurt Locker
Since I am a glutton for hyperbole, I would like to display my complete and utter admiration for “the hurt locker.” Its one of those films that has a contemporary plotl that is more important then most real life article written by the mainstream news outlets regarding a degenerative war that just keep spitting at those who participate in it. It is well made, entertaining and all around a vast and kind look at what today’s veteran has dealt with and the difference between those who do it because they have no other choice, and those who do it because everyone else doesn’t want to and see it as a moral obligation or a description of how they can do nothing else.
Same Rockwell alone in this film makes it phenomenal. Moon’s storyline and excellent progression of the storyline makes it wonderful and frightening all while looking at a bland future where life is expendable with the a document.
Honorable mentions:
The Princess and the Frog
District 9
Star Trek
An Education
Up in the Air

Sunday, January 10, 2010

i return for no particularly good reason.

What can I say that I already haven’t stated multiple times without looking back on it and saying, “you dumb mother fucker, what the hell were you thinking?”.
So, I’ll write this now to quell my own idiosyncrasies, for which I have many. I am unable to grasp the true nature of existence aside from, to quote Alan Moore’s character the Comedian, “Its all a fucking Joke!” because as it would seem the weight of the world it exponentially heavier then the weight that I have succumbed to, on my body.
That is enough just to keep me satisfied for the moment, for I have to listen to testimony and decide someone’s fate in few hours. That is the price I have to pay to uphold this inconsistent and corrupt democracy charges me with at this current moment. Sigh, it is not fair.
This year is looking to make me want to scream louder then any previous, and it has just begun, huzzah!