Monday, July 13, 2009

im a complicated being...

The future is unclear for me. Yes, that is how I start the first blogpost after a couple of months of silence. But I guess I can expect that from myself now, a self-loathing fool of a human being. Yet, me wallowing in my own idiocies and misconceptions have lead me to this conclusion: the human race is comprised of a self-implicating mistakes that, for the most part, didn’t need to occur. Had the offending party been keen enough to recognize their misgivings, it is a fair assumption that they would have understood that they were, with out a doubt in their minds as well as mine, mistaken in some way shape or form. Wow, that was certainly long-winded and pretentious to no end, but alas it needed to be this and not another grouping of words that had no context in reference to what they actually mean in context to society as it stands today.
Now if you understood what that last sentence said or meant for that matter, seek help, quick! Yet if the ideas are vague and slightly indecipherable then I commend you because you have began to understand the ways in which someone’s (me) psyche actually works. It is a complex yet manageable mish mash of ideas and concepts that I need to explicate for no other reason then to get it out of my head.
These thoughts that I speak about, they are more mine then anything I have every possessively owned. They are the reason I have stuck around in this almost meaningless existence as a writer and or journalist. These thoughts though, I have never really been able to articulate them as something that people would want to read or look at for prolonged periods of time. So, that’s why im going to again try something with my writing. As in attempt new things that should keep some people interested in what I have to say or even care at all. These new things will be essentially like newspaper op-ed pieces ( I Hope) that take an almost biased persons objective take on things. What that means is I will attempt to write things that I feel to be important, and at the same time discuss its need for reform if need be.
Well that’s all I will continue to write, because well this took me long enough as is so hopefully ill write again soon, for all of those who care to read.

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