Saturday, March 7, 2009

Watchmen Impressions... And Penis'!

Watchmen, just the name conjures up the ideas of War, Love, and Blue Penis’? Yes, Watchmen, the film adaptation of the Alan Moore’s tour de force graphic novel, has finally come the big screen, and it’s…Good.
No, I did not have an proverbial “nerdgasm” while watching the movie, mainly because it was so enthusiastically an action movie, before the gritty crime drama and philosophical tale that the original graphic novel was. It took scenes of symbolism and turned them into either aphrodisiacs or just straight up action sequences. That is what frustrated me as a person who took the graphic novel and brought it close to the heart. The other issues though are unforgivable as a far as movies go.
The main issue with it as a movie, it was disjointed as hell. The characters had no context for their actions, why was there a Silke Spectre II or Nite Owl II? What was the point of putting Hollis Mason in the final cut if our not going to eventually do something with him? The whole resolution sequence of the movie has no context, as far as how the story is supposed to be progressing. The first few shots give away who the antagonist is, as well as his voice. What the hell is with the penis shots?
The things I did like though were the representation of the city, what is was and who the characters are to it. It was brutal as hell, adding to the whole “Snyder style”, sort of worked with the fight sequences. The man, who played Rorschach, was fantastic, except for the end sequence where he got a bit emotional. The story, to a point is fantastically faithful, to the source material. Finally it was all in all, enjoyable. Especially in IMAX, for which you really want to get there early for the good seats. It was stellar-ly shot, hopefully all in 60mm HD, but I doubt it considering it got a bit grainy at points.
In the end this turned out to be an good action movie that needs to be put into context. The characters were undeveloped due to time constraints. The action and special effects were great, but would have been better suited for the full HD treatment, especially Dr. Manhattan’s penis, which stole the show.

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