Thursday, March 5, 2009

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This is a blog post!
Who am I kidding; this is as much a blog post as it is a written profession of how much of an idiot I might be. Either way, I sit here today( in political science) to talk about what I think of what journalism has become. I am probably the wrong person to speak about something like this, mainly cause I am impossible to take seriously. With all the bullshit that I’ve gone through in the last few months I use this blog just to vent, on my Macbook pro, with the missing “J” key. Regardless, of this fact I feel it is important for the next generation of, “dudes who write and talk,” to discuss the ramification of commercialization of journalism as a whole.

Rupert Murdoc comes to mind when discussing the concept of commercialization. The CEO of the Fox enterprises, it doesn’t seem shocking that a super conservative news organization is run by a dude who’s got like six satellites. The man controls so much of whatever comes out of his network that the word objectivity has become somewhat of a joke to this whole concept. I mean, the whole New York post editorial cartoon brings up the perfect form of conservatism and divergence from objectivity. Specifically for the cartoon however I call, Shenanigans. How something like that could possible get past the copy desk, if one exists? The fact that I can concretely see that a copy desk was non-existent might raise some questions as to where it is headed.
I want to comment on the other side of the stick ( huh? Stick). The “liberal Mass media,” are responsible for the dumb-ing down of the society, with the fluff piece that will encompass 5 minutes of a 35-minute news report. They show people the news and what has occurred but at the same time they try to find who is to blame or who was in the wronged party, a perfect example of this, the New York Post editorial cartoon. The media instantaneously latched on to the fact that it was FOX enterprises that was responsible for this mishap. Now, in no way am I denying the fact that it was them who were at fault, but pining for vengeance? That just seems mean spirited and improper, especially if it wasn’t them that figured out that the article had shown up, in that mornings paper, it took riots to get them to show up. Sensationalism, this seems to rule the liberal mass media that seems to be the issue along with perceived baises that seem to engrain themselves into our everyday lives.
The things that I want to talk about tis the governements role in all of this. Where are they? Are they just the being that the news focuses on in their coverage, or are they part of the problem? They control what comes out of the world and they run a great share of thought that flows through our daily lives. So what are they doing to promote journalism to improve them? Certainly not letting it stay objective, because if it was doing that, then we would have a lot more young people in politics, For the sole fact that they don’t have this fear of constant elder statesmen influence. If critique was something readily taken seriously in an objective society we wouldn’t be able to have the idiotic society we currently live in. It would show the government what its doing wrong, but what difference would that make to a bunch of old people who tend not to know, current events as much as they know the events of 1963.
The way in which I think everything could get better: subsidies for writers who’s only goal is to be objective and critical of what is going on in the world. The critique shouldn’t revolve around the government as a whole but towards individual politicians. By looking at they’re campaign contributions as well as pedigree we might, just might, be able to understand where their decisions come from, from their asses or from their wallets, the former being more acceptable then the latter.

Wow, that war certainly a ramble that I didn’t expect to go on this long. I didn’t even talk about my life (success!). For most I didn’t talk about games and how I play them. I know, I know… I still haven’t published any reviews, but there is a good reason I haven’t… which I won’t divulge in here. Because it would go on for far too long.
Will write again soon... hopefully

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