Tuesday, March 10, 2009


So, I’m writing this to talk about music. I know, I know I still haven’t posted anything legitimate and readable about games, but don’t worry when it comes it’ll be good. Back to the pressing issue, all the new and awesome music that has been released so far this year. Now, I’m a guy with eclectic tastes and flavor’s( wait…) but the amount of crap as opposed to good stuff to come out it fairly small compared to last year. So here are just a few that I am personally really enjoying:
1. Lily Allen- It’s Not Me, It’s You
Her follow up to her awesome debut, Alright, Still, had me apprehensive. Would it be a rehash of her old work, or would it be a super pop-y new concoction? Turns out, it was different from the original, dance/pop-y was present but it wasn’t overdone, and it was fantastic (93). It was a, very, frank look at the emotions she’s been experiencing over the last few years and what she see’s society has become. The songs are still comically pleasing, like my personal favorite “Not fair,” which is about a secure relationship the isn’t… Ahem, “performing.” The Album is as a whole a great projection of ideals, that shouldn’t be missed, because of its social context, as well as how cute she is, in my humble opinion.
2. Justice- A Cross the Universe
So in 2007, these French Dudes released an album called Cross( the symbol). The tracks were all really good, on their own, but as an album it was a journey. Early on this year these dudes released a live album, A Cross the Universe, and it will blow minds (87). It took great electronica tracks that were well done in the studio, brought them into a live environments and did something really amazing with how the sound… Exploded in your ear. This is the elecrtonica fans must-have album; it’s up there with Alive 2007 and well… I can’t remember right now but really good live records.
3. Animal Collective- Merriweather Post Pavilion
Okay, it should be said right off the bat, Animal Collective are not my cup of tea. They are abrasive, hard to meld with and all around weird. With that said, I haven’t disliked any of their records, but Merriweather Post Pavilion is the exception… I really liked it (91), The album is a odd blend of repeated tunes that frankly shouldn’t work sonically, but somehow become these great sounding tracks, with cryptic lyrics, for which the titles have no bearing. It’s a great, indie/electronic/folk/rock record because its so, bat shit.
4. The Lonely Island- Incredibad
I put this record here for one reason, it made me laugh. Not since, Tenacious D, has a disjointed buddy adventure comedy/ rap album has made me feel good about just listening to the lyrics, and sometimes just giggling at the, “cunt-hole, Steve.” It was a little imbalanced with the quality of the songs but the individual tracks were better then the album as a whole, Really funny though.
5. P.O.S.- Never Better
Wow, I haven’t talked about rap yet, Lonely Islands don’t count. This album is seriously something most people will overlook but… Damn. This is one of the most lyrically and sonically progressive album I’ve heard all year, so far. I didn’t get a chance to give It a score, mainly because I got it like 4 hours ago, but I already listened to it 3 times. This might be playing on my iPod for a very long time.
That’s it for now Kids. I’ll drop some more suggestions in the near future. But I’ll leave you with a few more albums, minus my thoughts:
U2- No Line on the Horizon
K’naan- Troubadour
Joe Budden- The Padded Room
Bon Iver- Blood Bank EP

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