Friday, February 20, 2009

Jargon... the language of an idiot.

I write, to release this anger. Anger, I have had building up inside me for a long, LONG time. We live in a nation of idiots and whores, whom somehow control what we do everyday. They make the laws and they tell us the difference between what is wrong and what can be accepted. They make you feel bad for being honest and insightful, yet they lie through their teeth in order to make you feel accepted. So I’ll speak to the wrongs, and I’ll speak to the fight, a fight that can only be described and ignorant and ill conceived.
This doesn’t seem coherent, but then again when has rambling ever seemed coherent, its fun though, the concept of rambling. You can talk like an idiot and sound like you’re rapping about the dumbest stuff in the world, with your own ludacris, but “made sense at the time” attitude. So this is going to go down as something ridiculous that I ended up saying, on the Internets, and most probably don’t understand the bullshit that I speak. Yet I gotta speak it, or more correctly, Spoke it .
If the last two paragraph’s made any sense to anybody, Please… seek help.
until next time,

hopefully you don'y look like this guy after this reading. Sad really...