Sunday, January 4, 2009

part one of my confessional

I sit here today, in my pajamas, on the verge of enjoying the third season of Entourage, and I can’t seem to put my finger on why this year may be different. Well, maybe I should preface the reason for which I’m actually writing this list. The answer is short and simple, 2008, for me, was a year of faults and stupid decisions, and I don’t plan on repeating those again in this, the new year.
The first stupid thing that I did was I got my priorities out of place. I put school on the backburner. For some reason, I guess it was subconscious; I got the impression that I was smarter then the system that I, a student of, first physics, now political science, knew more then. Boy, was I wrong. The idea that, I student could know more then these people whom; had gone to these prestigious colleges, that frankly I will probably never get into; and know more then them about the things they are teaching me is baffling. So I write this part today as a confessional, to myself, as well as admitting my flaws.
So over a period of the next few weeks I shall (hopefully) crank out a piece each day and in those pieces I shall try and reconstruct myself as a person, by admitting my, flaws and weaknesses, and by revealing what I could’ve done, like not been a dumb shit coward and asked someone out. So to all of you reading thanks, and this will get better.

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