Thursday, October 23, 2008

shit that took a while.

Alright I’m pretty sure no one reads this blog. Yes, i hear crickets. Regardless, I want to write, the content is still up in the air, so let me yammer.
The first thing I want to shpeel about is the fact that I am sitting in probably mt favorite class and procrastinating, Who the hell in there right mind does that. I mean i can only blame myself for doing something like this but shit. I cannot figure out what cause me to loose focus so quickly. Alas it seems i have already lost the attention of the poor soul who stubbled upon this sad husk of a blog. Could it be ADD that I didn’t know that i have because for some reason I can never concentrate on.... wait what was i talking about. Oh yeah, Ae forget it, it’s a rant about myself anyway.
So the another thing that I wanted to try and “discuss” would be the fact that, YOU ALL NEED TO VOTE. I don’t give a rats ass who its for, but preferably the right choice for the country. Still this election is one of those things that seems batshit crazy to say the least. I mean, Palin alone is a topic that i can make at least fifty posts about. the in game ads are the ones that get to me though. Obama’s Face and the hope sign showing up un burnout and battlefield is crazy, but it proves the legitimacy of the gaming population.
now that im finally at gaming i need to get stuff off my chest... im playing way to many games at one time to call it legitimate in any definition of gaming. But thats a post for a little later

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