Tuesday, October 28, 2008

fuck it

Ok people i know i said that i would post regularly, but shit the only time that i get to post is in my poli sci class. Regardless this is part of a post that i was on the cusp of unleashing, but alas im pissed of at our society :
Fuck me it takes me forever to even get around to writing this blog. Now the notion that i just started this blog to talk about bullshit, is bullshit. I started this thing to get my word out and because jeff green, my hero, had one just like it. one thing that i have fully planned to initiate was the fact that this would be a place that i could post reviews of all three, music, movies and especially games.
Now I’m not out to get hired by some site or place, but i am here to drop my two cents. My reviews will and bette be bias toward someone who takes forever to finish a game because I’m either working or im at school.

Now that im over discussing that i want to talk about a topic that i feel is necessary, the time in which we live in. This time has become something of a joke. We as either a citizen....

This wouldn't work though because i would go about ranting . So i say one thing, it is that the world lies alot so look at all the of the facts especially if has to deal with the media and its reporting on the world and politics.

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