Tuesday, October 28, 2008

fuck it

Ok people i know i said that i would post regularly, but shit the only time that i get to post is in my poli sci class. Regardless this is part of a post that i was on the cusp of unleashing, but alas im pissed of at our society :
Fuck me it takes me forever to even get around to writing this blog. Now the notion that i just started this blog to talk about bullshit, is bullshit. I started this thing to get my word out and because jeff green, my hero, had one just like it. one thing that i have fully planned to initiate was the fact that this would be a place that i could post reviews of all three, music, movies and especially games.
Now I’m not out to get hired by some site or place, but i am here to drop my two cents. My reviews will and bette be bias toward someone who takes forever to finish a game because I’m either working or im at school.

Now that im over discussing that i want to talk about a topic that i feel is necessary, the time in which we live in. This time has become something of a joke. We as either a citizen....

This wouldn't work though because i would go about ranting . So i say one thing, it is that the world lies alot so look at all the of the facts especially if has to deal with the media and its reporting on the world and politics.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

shit that took a while.

Alright I’m pretty sure no one reads this blog. Yes, i hear crickets. Regardless, I want to write, the content is still up in the air, so let me yammer.
The first thing I want to shpeel about is the fact that I am sitting in probably mt favorite class and procrastinating, Who the hell in there right mind does that. I mean i can only blame myself for doing something like this but shit. I cannot figure out what cause me to loose focus so quickly. Alas it seems i have already lost the attention of the poor soul who stubbled upon this sad husk of a blog. Could it be ADD that I didn’t know that i have because for some reason I can never concentrate on.... wait what was i talking about. Oh yeah, Ae forget it, it’s a rant about myself anyway.
So the another thing that I wanted to try and “discuss” would be the fact that, YOU ALL NEED TO VOTE. I don’t give a rats ass who its for, but preferably the right choice for the country. Still this election is one of those things that seems batshit crazy to say the least. I mean, Palin alone is a topic that i can make at least fifty posts about. the in game ads are the ones that get to me though. Obama’s Face and the hope sign showing up un burnout and battlefield is crazy, but it proves the legitimacy of the gaming population.
now that im finally at gaming i need to get stuff off my chest... im playing way to many games at one time to call it legitimate in any definition of gaming. But thats a post for a little later

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Digging myself deeper

So I tend to write blogs and leave them as drafts this one will be published. If not well you'll never know. But im hear to dish about the world and procrastinate.
So, what the hell is there to talk about!? For one thing the world is going to shit. Oh now I have no ones attention, but here goes. The economy died in the last two weeks. the people are all running around wondering what the hell there going to do. Me, I'm going to bath in the glory of having a retail job that pays the bills and leaves enough money for me to further my hobbies (i.e. Games, Comics and computer hardware). But Where does it end?
In two years will my meaningless job at Best Buy, enable me to sustain my life, i highly doubt it. So, why am i so negative, because this is my blog and its meant to get stuff of my chest.
Now to the good stuff, the games and movies ( and politics for the haters). The first thing that i need to mention is something that i wrote in another post that i neglected to publish. The Freakin Star Wars Force Unleashed, the game has problems but that doesn't make it a bad game. The physics engine does't really stick out as too impressive, the combat is lack luster and buggy. That didn't however stop it from being fun, yes within all my hate, the game was fun, and it is absolutly worth a rent and or borrow from an unknowing friend.
Now to the good, no, FANtastic game, LittleBigPlanet. This is one of those games that will make you smile. I would just make sackboy jump and interact with the evironment, and smile and i haven't done that since Super Mario Galaxy.
Oh shit this thing has been sitting here for two hours, so im going to post and finish up later