Thursday, September 11, 2008

What the hell.

What possible reason could I have to start a dedicated blog. Thats right, I didn't, but I did.
Life though, it's a funny thing and it seems this is the only thing that i can expunge my need to just talk about doofy crap.
So, this is the fearless yet scared blog about me. A guy who is scared to express his ideas in any way shape or form, aside form talking to an anonymous crowd over the internet. The word needs to learn though that these types of things are an inevitable fact, I need to speak my mind. Its a scary place up there but you get used to the fact that I can't seems to comprehend reality as a whole any more, and my job really kills me because of its bullshit. Well that seems like an incoherent enough post till next time
the fearless idiot.

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