Thursday, September 11, 2008

Back again.

Well here I am, again. In a position where I am both intrigued and bored out of my mind. Does this notion of bored really affect the way that i perceive the world. It can't be because I'm always looking at it from the perspective of a gamer. So everything looks like a puzzle, especially school.
The world in my infinite genius is a place that can, and will be solved. however, not by me just because i won't do it, too much responsibility. That would make an interesting game wouldn't it, the concurrence of society converging on on singular ideology or object. this would be madness because man has never and probably never will agree on a one something.
See how bored I am this is what i have succumb to rambling on about the madness of man and philosophy of a teenage political science major. But I needed to get it off my chest in this my international politics class in which we are watching a movie about the Russian Revolution. An i may have stumble upon a new job opportunity HUZZAH!

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